Multi-Use Indoor Tunnels

  • Four multi-use tunnels available to rent for batting, pitching and fielding.
  • Each tunnel is 60 feet long, 15 feet wide and 14 feet high so you can see greater ball flight.
  • Equipped with L-Screen (for live batting practice or any of our numerous drills), Pitching Machine and Pitching Mounds
  • Suitable for individual or team practices.

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Vertimax V8 Elite

he V8 Elite is the top of the line from Vertimax. The Vertimax will help improve vertical leap height, first step explosiveness, improve arm swing and put a useful load on any part of the body you are looking to strengthen. The system can be used by anyone from youth to professional athletes because it has different resistance.

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The Swingbuilder allows you to add resistance to the swing which helps to make the swing faster.


Blast Motion Sensor

Blast Motion is a sensor that measures these metrics of your swing:

Time to Contact, Bat Speed, Attack Angle, Percent on Plane, Body Rotation, Vertical Bat Angle

These metrics help the player understand their swing in a measurable way. The data from the metrics helps create an understanding of how the body and hands work together to launch the bat.




The world's first hitting simulator allows players to track exit velocity, launch angles, point of contact, video to match output, and much more data to help players track progress.


K Vest

The K Vest allows the player/coach to understand a players posture and movement throughout the swing.  This information helps the coach create a program to fit the players needs.  A K-Vest unit is used to measure the body's kinematic sequence through the swing. This shows if the player is getting an efficient energy transfer from the legs into the bat.


J Bands Wall


Our band wall helps develop endurance, strengthen muscles, and prepare yourself for practice or game day with the Jaeger Sports® J-Bands™ Exercise Program

Iron Mike Pitching Machine (Baseball)


 Hitting is all about timing. You need the proper timing to recognize when you should start your swing and launch the bat.
This is accomplished as a result of watching the pitcher's arm and release of the ball. An arm-style pitching machine is the only style of pitching machine that gives the player with that very same experience of timing.
With each pitch you can see the machine's arm wind up and launch the ball.
It is the realistic nature of the Iron Mike that allows you to exercise the identical fundamentals in the batting cages as you experience on the field. 

Ultimate Home Plate Pitching Machine (Baseball) & Hack Attack Pitching Machine (Softball)


This machine helps the hitter by allowing a sequence or the same pitch to be thrown. The UHPPM will be used with the HitTrax to create a competitive environment.

Hack Attack Pitching Machine (Softball)

The exclusive three-wheel design of the Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine allows the hitter to see the ball clearly all the way through the feeding motion, acceleration and release, just like with a live pitcher. The machine can throw fastballs, risers, drops, right- and left- handed screwballs.